Colours of Qi Festival – Bedepuszta 2022  

Friday 9 till Monday 12 September 


An unique 4-day Body-Movement special where Qi is the essence of it all. 

In this beautiful small festival all is concentrated about Qi – your Qi.


A co-operation by Colours of Qi & Village Retreat 

Lets celebrate Qi in all her colours

Enjoy to enhance your Qi, to let if flow throughout your whole body, to create an abundant Qi which will last you throughout late summer and beyond. Like your memory of this festival will do. 
Body-movement We move in stillness, in stillness we move. In all kind of ways during this festival:. Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi and so much more. By feeling the movement we become aware, we experience. We make the connection body and mind, the Qi will flow….
Join us for some special days in nature, enjoying movement, company, learning and experiencing life at its best. With joyful Qi. 

Little lookbook

Classes & Workshops

Our festival is called ‘Colours of Qi Festival’ because there is a broad colourful range of classes and workshops that all in their own way give you Qi.
We scheduled the programme in such a way, you can follow all classes and workshops. So you don’t have to make a choice from the extensive range.
The lessons take place in the morning and gradually take you a little deeper into the matter every day, like a small journey. In the afternoon there are 2 special workshops to follow. Or you can pick one and spend time letting your Qi sink by relaxing at the poolside or in a hammock with a good book or just simply gazing at the sky above and let your mind wonder of.
Whether you have a lot of experience or none, every lesson and workshop will bring you something, celebrate the ‘beginners mind’ and let your body and mind enjoy the Qi.


Morning classes, each day there are 5 classes in a row (with a short transition break between them)
  • Zen guided meditation
  • Yin yoga
  • 6 healing sounds Qi Gong & 5 animal Qi gong
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi Chuan


Afternoon workshops. each day there are 2 workshops, so 6 in total


  • Shiatsu massage
  • Gyrotonics on the Floor
  • Tui Na massage
  • Body-drawing meridians
  • Gua Sha facial massage 
  • Basic Accupressure for health 
 Some Bonus Qi
Some bonus Qi you can book aside:
  • Treat yourself on a personal Shiatsu or Tui Na massage
  • Have a individual Gyrotonics session
  • Have a Qi-portret photographed
  • Wellness: you can reserve a private sauna and hot tube
*Additional cost involves for Bonus Qi. Bookings are on the spot.
In the evening there will be a campfire. One evening our storyteller will read from the lovely instructive humorous book Mei Li, about a chicken in search of the meaning of Dao, in which all the great Chinese philosophers passes by. The other evenings we like to invite you to make music, to sing, dance, perform: let the Qi flow…




 ‘Village Retreat’ – Bedepuszta 
Village Retreat is situated at an unique location: a small hamlet in a valley embedded in a peaceful quiet world of gently rolling hills. Completely surrounded by nature, the ‘real world’ feels like another dimension and miles away. The content and theme of the festival merge with the environment in which you find yourself. A fantastic symbiosis of energy and location.
Famous as land of the paprika…… And the salami, and the wines, and the music, poetry, the easy going. With cultural cities and countryside where you can still hear the sound of the bees. 
You can extend your stay in the village or see and visit more places, make it a true holiday.  

The Teachers

Colours of Qi is an international Qi Festival, classes & workshops are in English

Karen Hemink

Tui Na

Linda Thümmler-van Andel


Marianne Buur


Nanda Duin

Yin Yoga & Organiser Colours of Qi Festival

BJ Rossier

Zen Meditation

Eli Roovers

Qi Gong

Lia Broersen


Kim Olde Loohuis

Tai Chi Chuan