Moving from inner connection: bones – joints – muscles


especially for members ITCCA

International Tai Chi Chuan Association  




“Breath is Life. Tai Chi Chuan is about breath. 

So, Tai Chi Chuan is life.”

by Master Chu King Hung – ITCCA Europe

Speciaal workshop voor ITCCA members 


Moving from inner connection: bones – joints – muscles. 

Exploring the body on a physical and subtle level.



 My dear friend Anke Bronner (ITCCA Ostsee) and I, Nanda (ITCCA Hungary) have long wanted to give to a workshop in which we can combine our knowledge and share with you our passion for the deeper layers of our body on a physical and subtle level.

We hope it appeals to you. 

Kind regards,

 Anke, Nanda 


Content workshop
Moving from inner connection: bones - joints - muscles; exploring the body on a physical and subtle level.

In this beautiful workshop you engage to raise awareness and address these different ‘systems’ in your body. Although they are inseparable, they each have their own movement quality, pace, intention and energy.

We address them through our proprioception, our body feeling, from pure relaxation (song).


If we look – as an example – at our bones:

Bones are about balance and space. About exploring. They are slow. They carry our wisdom and have an old soul.


Everyone has a preference for one system or another. Which one is your system, which one is harder for you to feel, move, control?



Anke let you feel these different systems through movement exploration, Taoist health exercises, and parts of the Tai Chi form.

Nanda gives, among other things, various seated exercises – based on the 5 Elements – to let you experience the different systems from a more Yin-side. 


The idea is to create space for the inner work, Tai Chi Chuan, in a new enriching way from a different body sensation. Nourish our body, mind and spirit.

Practical information

Where Dragonwood, Klein Kordshagen (Lussöw) – near Stralsund, East Germany

When Friday evening 29 Sep to Sunday morning 1 Oct.

Lessons total 10.5 hours

Food from Friday evening to Sunday lunch

Costs all inclusive (accommodation, food, coffee/tea/water, workshop) € 350

Only for members of the ITCCA

Closing registration: 1 September


For more info please contact Nanda by email, or by underneath

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