Colours of Qi Festival – Bedepuszta 2022 




How to book

Please fill in the form beneath, and click send. Then buy and reserve your festival ticket. 


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Organised by Village Retreat =>> Food & Accommodation

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You can view the possibilities of housing: room (B&B), bell-tent, cabin, tent of house at the website. After sending the form they will contact you to inform you further. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a min/max number of participants ?

Yes there is. 15 to 60 people. We like to keep it small so there is quality and personal attention in the classes & workshops. 

Food, what is incl/excluded ?

Village Retreat cooks fresh vegetarian food. In the morning filtered coffee & tea is included. During the day you can buy small snacks or order a cappuccino / espresso, limonades or anything else at the Yonder Bar.

What do I have to bring along for classes and workshops ?

Please bring with you:

  • yoga mat
  • meditationcushion *
  • comfortable clothing and flexible shoes
  • short and sport bra or anything like that for the drawing body meridian workshop
  • any props you like for your yin yoga
  • if you join the Gua Sha workshop a Gua Sha crystal
* If you don’t have a meditationcushion  you can also roll up your yogamat.

What can we buy at Colours of Qi - festival?

Sold by Bedepuszta Nátur .(side branch of Colours of Qi)

  • Ointments and creams which are homemade, biological and given by nature herself: .St Johns, Aloe vera, Lemon Balm and more. creams and oils.
  • Our unique travel meditation mat
  • Filted sjals, leg & handwarmers
  • Dried herbs & spices

What is Bedepuszta like?

Bedepuszta is completely amidst nature. In the village itself there are different types of accommodation for rent, there is the Yonder-bar, a pavilion, the Old School, a Club House, swimming pool, sauna and a hot tube.  In the link below you can get an image of the village, which was taken during the annual music festival: The Great Yonder.

How do I get there ?

 Budapest is approx. 100 km from Bedepuszta. A taxi (4 persons) to our village is about  € 100,–. 

If there is enough interest (see form), we may be able to organize a direct transfer from/to the airport.