Massage in Bedepuszta 

Treat yourself on a Qi-massage  

You can choose ór combine:
Relaxation & Breuss massage. An all body massage, with a specific focus on the spine. Using homemade St. John’s Wort oil which penetrates deep in the body and has a healing influence.
Effect: relaxation and flexibility in the spine and surrounding tissues and muscles, deep energetic effect.
Gua Sha, with the help of crystal stones such as Jade and Rosequarts, the face is massaged by gentle stroking movements that act on the fascia (connective tissue) and blood circulation.
Effect: a fresh, glowing and soft skin.
As a paramedic therapist as well as having my certificate as a relaxing masseur I have a good knowledge about the human body and her energy. In my massage I listen, act & respond to what your body is telling me. 

Booking Body Massage

You can book a massage on Tuesday , Wednesday & Thursday at 10:00 ; 11:00 ; 12:00 ; 14:00 or 15:00 . After submitting the form I will contact you by mail for confirmation and payment details.