Nurture 5 Elements in Nature

Yin Yoga & Qi Gong

Experience how they perfectly flow together, feel how it refreshes and 

energies your whole being, leaving you filled with Qi.


7 July

 4 August

Enjoy a morning in the nature of the countryside 

for your body, mind and spirit with a class Yin Yoga & Qi Gong,

 a homemade healthy and delicious lunch, bio-herbal tea and limonade.

7 July 

4 August


We are located in the tiny picturesque village of Bedepuszta in the beautiful Nográd. 

(just over an hour from Budapest or Eger, and even less from Gödölő or Gyöngyös)

Come and join us for a Happy Qi Sundaymorning Summerday!

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Both Yin Yoga & Qi Gong stimulate the fascia & the opening of the meridians, energy-channels throughout your body, and thus allow the Qi, your life-force energy, to flow. 


Feel, experience, the difference between the ‘rebound’ in the silence of Yin Yoga and the flowing nature of Qi Gong. 


Feel how both of them let your Qi flow again in her natural way without stagnations or energy blockages, and so activate self-healing powers and regenerates the body. Leaving you refreshed, energised and full of Qi, and above all: happy and relaxed.

A Happy Qi Summer Sunday.


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Date & time:  

7 July from 09:45 till 13:30

4 August from 09:45 till 14:00



09:45 – 10:00 arriving

10:00 – 12:30 5 Element Yin Yoga, 5 Element Dao Yin, Qi Gong Meditation, Qi Massage

12:30 small walk in nature & lunch

14:00 end

(if you prefer not to have lunch, naturally this is possible)


Location is the tiny picturesque village of Bedepuszta in the beautiful Nográd. (just over an hour from Budapest or Eger, and even less from Gödölő or Gyöngyös)


Early Bird, before 20 June HUF 10.750 / € 27,50

Regular price Huf 12.500 / € 32,–



Min/Max participant

Minimum 6

Maximum 12

5 Element Yin Yoga & Qi Gong 

Earth, Metal, Water, Wood en Fire

Each element has its own characteristics and quality of Qi on physical, mental and emotional level. Just go along and experience while being guided. 

Yin Yoga

The beauty of Yin Yoga is found in the stillness of just being. In Yin Yoga you remain for some minutes in a lying or sitting posture. 

Quietly exploring and searching for relaxation, letting go. As soon as the physical body gives up muscle tension and resistance, flexibility can be developed in the deeper layers of the body by stimulating the connective tissue and fascia.

Not only will you feel the influence of ‘just’ lying or sitting in a posture on the physical level. Your mind will unwind, clearing your head. And your emotions will become more harmonieus, balanced. 

Qi Gong – Dao Yin

Means literally life-force (Qi) & training (Gong), so everything we do which has the focus on developing our energy is Qi Gong. 

In Dao Yin, we make slow movements combined with the breath. We massage the organs, the spine, the entire body by stretching and rotating the arms and torso. Dao Yin really focuses on removing stagnations by creating movement.

In Qi (self) massage we stimulate our bloodcirculation, our fascia, and our senses.  

Meditation is the most quiet form of Qi Gong, from the outside it seems nothing is happening, but inside you are aware, focused and calm while paying attention to your breath. 

Yin Yoga & Qi Gong, 

they are two different disciplines but one,

they are one but two. 

Yin & Yang

How to get here by local transport. Bus 1021 Salgotárjan-Budapest, stop Samsonhazi Elág.    

You can book transfer to/from the busstop to Bedepuszta for HUF 500 pp, one way.


About Bedepuszta

Bedepuszta is a tiny village located in a small valley next to a natural park, surrounded by nothing but hills, meadows, and forest in the beautiful empty Nográd, here you find nature at her best. 

And yet it is just over an hour from Budapest or Eger, and even less from Gyöngyös or Gödöllő. 

The venue is our lush garden with view on the hills surrounding it. The only sound you hear are the birds and humming bees. The landscape is quiet, empty, yet so lively. Here there is silence, silence like you might have not heard for a long time…….

Registrationform Nurture 5 Elements in Nature – Yin Yoga & Qi Gong 

Thank you for your registration, I’m looking forward to meet you in person, share the Qi with you

 and have a Happy Qi Summer Sunday.  

Taking into account the limited places and to avoid no-show, registration is only valid after payment of the full participation fee.

The fee paid includes the cost of the full class, the walk and the food and drinks consumed during lunch.

You will receive details about payment in the confirmation mail. 

Payment is not less if you choose not to have lunch.

Important: The event is held outdoors, in case of bad weather or other reasons we reserve the right to cancel. This will be communicated to registered participants no later than the Friday before at 6 p.m. The amount paid can be used freely later for an event, or will be fully refunded.