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I’m Nanda and

I am a qualified Tai Chi Chuan teacher of the original Yang Style of the ITCCA (Internation Tai Chi Chuan Association) since 2004.  

My knowledge encompasses Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong, as well as Taoist relaxation exercises, somatic awareness meditation, Tao self massage, Yin Yoga, and knowledge of the  5-elements (TCM) system and YinYang philosophy. This combined with my paramedic profession as a Kinetic Therapist (Mensendieck: specialist in posture and movement patterns) gives me a broad knowledge in the field of body and mind.. Which I trully love to share….

    ….if I believe in anything, it is that the body is so much wiser than the mind 

(or at least how we use it)…….


Experience in a nutshell

Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Yin Yoga and Dao Yin are based on Taoism philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Tai Chi Chuan – Meditation – Qi Gong – Taoisti (Qi) self massage, Pushing Hands, Fighting Form, Broad Sword, Sword. 

All teachers follow a curriculum created by Master Chu King Hung and take private lessons with him annually. Only then do the teachers obtain his permission to teach. I have permission to teach the Original Yang style Tai Chi Chuan Form, the immersive Steps, Fighting Form, Pushing Hands and Sword Form. Besides attending private classes with Master Chu each year, I take intensive courses and take part in retreats organised both by Master Chu and Andreas Heyden (disciple of Master Chu,  ITCCA Köln).  This training regimen continues to deepen my experience of and feeling for Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong, so that I may pass these on to my students. 

Yin Yoga

  • Yin Yoga teacher training – Chinese medicine, Meridian Nidra, Hip Anaotmy – Jo Phee
  • Yin Fascial Yoga, myofascia release, 5-elementen Qi Gong  – Beta Lisboa & Sai Calder
  • (partly) Yin Yoga teacher training – Miriam Wagner
  • Myofascia Release & Yin Yoga – Esther Scheen
  • Adjusting Yin poses workshop – Jose de Groot
  • 5-Element Dao Yin Sai Calder
Qualified Kinetic Therapist Mensendieck: specialist in posture and movement patterns 

And of course during my lifespan I have followed more than one courses related to body and mind, i.e. Dharma Ocean, Anatomy Trains, Relaxing Massage, Gua Sha, and so on….. and the road is still unfolding. 

Tai Chi Chuan

In depth Tai Chi Chuan training
ITCCA Hungary
International Tai Chi Chuan Association
Tai Chi Chuan

Workshop & Retreat

Qi Gong, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Massage
Workshop & Retreat